Welcome to GRINDlife, make yourself at home!
Welcome to GRINDlife, make yourself at home!
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About US

CEO/Founder of GrindLife, LLC
Est. 2016
Ms. Keosha Parker  

My Story: From $1,800 to 5 Figures

The Beginning

A Battle Creek, Michigan Native, at a young age, I always wanted to do something positive in society. Despite having big ambitions, life didn’t always give me the smoothest rides. Becoming a teen mom wasn’t easy, my teacher said ‘Yelp, your chances for college are slim to none” That stuck with me, I started to act out, ended up in trouble with the law and was incarcerated for 30 days. Everything seemed to have been against me. But I knew I had a bigger purpose. Striving to be the ultimate entrepreneur, I sold my assets, moved to Atlanta in 2013 with $1,800. GrindLife started a few months after while working in the club. Wanting to do something else with my life, I applied for business school, graduated with a 3.5 GPA. With confusion of what to pursue and with almost all hopes lost, went back home to Michigan. After stumbling across some old “Kill Em Wit Grindness” t-shirts which sparked up the light of inspiration, decided to experiment by posting 10 shirts on Facebook which sold out in Minutes. I said “Thank You GOD for giving me the Vision & making it plain’’.

With a lack of funds in investment, I resorted to using $1,400 of my tax return to re-launch the clothing brand which was first established in 2013, It is in this that GrindLife was created. I have not looked back since, it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am completely grateful for each & every opportunity that is presented to me. I am excited about the future of GrindLife as a company. 

I am dedicated to making my vision come to reality and inspiring the aspiring in the process.  

 That's what GrindLife is about; making a way out of no way and encouraging our community to do the same!




Our Story So Far


Your style defines you! This is what most people don’t realize. Everyone wants to look good but not everyone wants to break the bank just to look good. This is exactly how we felt many years ago. We saw many people work hard just to afford high-quality apparels and we wanted to bring a unique solution to solve this problem. After years of relentless work, GrindLife was created. 


Who We Are

GrindLife is a fashion brand that prides itself on selling high-quality luxury apparel and accessories at affordable prices. Our goal is to provide our customers with high-end luxury apparel without them spending so much. We offer a range of products ranging from our top-notch jumpsuits all the way to maxi dresses and yoga leggings. We know that when you look good, you feel good, and we want our customers to feel their best every day. 


Why We Do This

 At GrindLife, we believe everyone has the right to look good and we are on a mission to help our clients get that. We believe that fashion should be accessible to everyone, and we work hard to keep our prices reasonable without compromising on quality.

The Future Mission

GrindLife will continue providing its customers with the latest trendy apparel. We will continue to put the needs and demands of our customers at the forefront. We will get continue sourcing only the best quality products as well as provide you with apparel that will last you years. Whatever you need, you can be sure GrindLife will be there to support you because when you look good, we look good too. For any queries, feel free to contact us today!


  Thanks for your support, may you continue to live in abundance and receive the blessings so well deserved. You are Special. 
XOXO -Keosha